Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Week: February 1 ed.

-I gave a training at work earlier in the week, which made me happy (though a little bit stressed because I was having both a coughing, hiccuping, and asthma flare just before I had to give it! What the heck?). I enjoy helping others learn and it was meant to be a major component of my job. We had been short staffed for a year and a half so I didn't do much training at all during that time as I was taking on the job duties of the person who had left. That was fine, too; I added quite a bit to my job skills and knowledge with the new duties. Now that the other position is filled, I'm able to focus on my original job's duties.

-I made some delicious crock pot vegetable soup and kicked up it a notch by adding some red wine vinegar and a small amount of red chili pepper flakes. I didn't use an exact recipe; I was scrolling through some vegan soup recipes and just couldn't find anything that suited my fancy at the time. However, one recipe mentioned adding red wine vinegar and I was intrigued so I added it. That worked out great! The soup tastes a little bit like hot and sour soup from Chinese restaurants, but with a thinner consistency and not so slimy. I wrote up a description of how I made the soup here.

-In German class, we discussed what products we missed from our home countries. It was very interesting to hear what people missed and why. I'll have to write more about that later.

-My friends are so awesome, and so helpful, too. I'm truly thankful for that. One friend came over and helped me replace a part on my car. Well, he actually did the work; I just handed him the tools. We had watched a video online on how to do it and I thought I'd be the one replacing the part while he passed the tools. I was quite happy that he took over because I don't enjoy doing mechanical things. It was cute because he brought tools over and even wore a headlamp since we were working outside; he looked ready for an expedition and was so proud of himself!

-I attended a party/game night at a friend's place and played the game called Werewolf for the first time. It was definitely interesting, but I'm such a weirdo: I feel awkward during bluffing games because one has to lie and I felt a bit guilty about lying (even though it was a game). Yes, I'm weird.

-Some friends and I attended the Staubsauger (vacuum cleaner) museum near Miseau. It was charmingly eclectic and the museum's owner/guide was so enthusiastic about vacuums that it was adorable.

-I had a wonderful house guest for the weekend. We had some great conversations and it was a very pleasant visit. Moo was thrilled with all the extra attention and I was thrilled to be invited to Hannover to visit, where I will be taken on a personalized tour by bicycle and shown all of the local favorites. I'm excited; I think it will be quite lovely.

-I made a sweet potato/lentil/chickpea chili crock pot soup that is loosely based on this recipe. My house guest loved it and I have lunch for the upcoming week.

-A friend invited us over for dinner and to watch the German detective drama, Tatort. That totally fit with my goal of spending at least 10 minutes a day on learning German. Watching the show made me realize that I need to spend much more time on practicing German daily, and I definitely need to do some more listening activities. 

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