Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Products that expats in Germany miss (as told in my Deutsch class)

While taking a German as a foreign language class, one not only learns German, but also about the culture and customs of the other expat students, which is an added bonus. One night in class, we discussed what products we missed from our home countries. It's interesting to see what products are a normal part of life in other countries.

Here is what my fellow classmates reported on:

-Spain: she misses a particular type of mop that isn't available in Germany.
-Indonesia: she misses a special rice cooker.
-India: a bunch of guys got together and talked about how they miss rickshaws.
-South America (he didn't mention which particular country): a certain kind of hammock. He even used a candy wrapper to fashion a model of it.
-Macedonia: a jar of flavoring used for cooking.
-United States (me): good burritos. The teacher and the gal from Spain are both native Spanish speakers and giggled because in Spanish, a "burrito" is literally a small donkey/burro. 

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