Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Week: February 8 ed.

I spent part of the week sick so I missed a German lesson and a meeting with my tandem speaking partner. As soon as I was feeling a bit better, I jumped back into the social life.

-A friend had a group of us over to play more card games. Fun, fun.

-I attended a bicycle maintenance class. It was great! I've been searching for one for ages and was thrilled to find one that was both local and free. I took my guest bike, which was in desperate need of some care.

-I was invited to a nice dinner with an American family and their German neighbors. We were speaking Denglish all night and I did some clumsy translating. It was cute, though: we were offered ice for our drinks. I've gone so native that I mostly forget that it's an option.

-Feeling a burst of productivity, I rode the newly maintained bike around the neighborhood. I then opened up my folding bike and cleaned the chain. I am so proud of my new "skillz."

Art on the wall of the Neustadt-Böbig train station, not related to anything.

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