Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Creepy Cows of Weinheim

On our way to the Miramar saunas, my friends and I were greeted by a pungent odor at the tram stop. Cows! As we neared the large commercial dairy farm, the smell shifted. Our group broke into a spirited debate of whether it was silage or cow manure. I declared myself an "expert" after one animal science class at the agricultural university and broke the tie: the sickly sweet smell was silage (with a hint of manure).

My friend told me that she finds the cow statues at farm incredibly creepy; she doesn't like the giant veins on the cows. As soon as the statues came into view, I could see why!

It's almost as if the cow had some sort of alien growth instead of an udder, and it's reaching for its face. WHY ARE THE VEINS BLACK?

This is the only reason I could create:

The sign at the farm asserts that it is home of happy cows. I'm not sure if cows depicted with black veins could be happy.
Despite that bit of creepiness, it was an interesting farm. It has an automated station where one may purchase milk.

Have you forgotten your own container? No worries: there are little locker things where one can purchase two bottles for a euro.

I'm not sure if the milk comes from veiny cows or not, but the sign makes the cow look a bit like a gas pump. Interesting things are afoot (or ahoof) at the farm.


  1. I stayed at the NH hotel a couple of times this year to visit a German supplier in Weinheim. I drove by this place everyday but never stopped in. I go back in Feb so will make it a point to check it out,

    1. It's a bit of strange tourist attraction then :)