Friday, March 6, 2020

An English overview of Aldi

Aldi grocery stores are experiencing a surge in popularity, especially in the US. When I was younger, we never really thought of Aldi as a viable place to buy decent food. Most food was beyond highly processed and poor quality. Now, however, Aldi is focusing more on fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as favorites popular among the granola-munching set (I include myself in this category). After all, one can buy decent hummus at Aldi in the US (don't try the German version if you're a hummus connoisseur, though; it's nasty, with sugar and vinegar added, which is NOT accurate).

Mashed put together a decent video shopping at Aldi in the US. Even if you're in Germany, it's worth a watch if you're curious about the store. Most of the information is basically the same for the stores here, too, such as needing to use a coin to unlock the carts and needing to bring your own bags.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Current Mood of German Learning

I'm currently taking a very high-level German class and realized:

If I ever get frustrated about not always knowing what I call $5 (or should I say €5) words in German or not knowing all of the idioms, can I just remind myself that one of the fellow students in this class is literally already a translator, and this is the class that foreigners have to pass to apply to the translation program at the uni? And that we did a tough exercise in class last night, and I was able to do it on the fly and also help another classmate with it? I'm always getting frustrated by what I don't know but I should also celebrate what I do know.