Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Week: February 22 ed.

Not much happened this week because I was as sick as a dog, as they say. Well, I wasn't eating grass outside and then being sick like dogs do, but I was indeed miserable. I even got to the point where I had the irrational feeling that I'd never get better. This was after four days of running a fever, even while taking antibiotics.

I missed work, which makes me sad since I actually like my job. It makes me even sadder because I think that I just blew through all of my sick time. I had to cancel all of my social engagements, which was especially unfortunate because I was supposed to lead a hike. My friends D and R came to the rescue and took over for me. What good guys!

I did recover enough that I was able to make a trip downtown to Tam Asia. I was feeling adventurous so I bought some yellow curry seasoning and coconut milk. Following the recipe, I made a curry of cauliflower, onions, bean sprouts, and Thai kale over glass noodles. It was easy and good; even better yet, it was vegan! I want to give credit to my tandem speaking partner because she inspired me to get a bit adventurous in what I cook; I've ventured forth on my own into uncharted depths (well, okay, whatever the curry packages tell me what to do). Plus, Tam Asia is an awesome supermarket because they have such an excellent assortment of Asian cooking supplies to try.

I ate dinner with a friend (and tried not to expel my lungs from coughing so much). He mentioned that our mutual friend calls him "her German friend in K-Town." That is really funny that he's like the exotic one here since there are so many Americans in town.

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