Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why does corn have to be creepy in Germany?

I'm a bit obsessed with corn's role or lack thereof in German (and to be fair, European) cuisine. It seems to end up in unusual places (at least to a non-European) yet is difficult to find fresh and on the cob.

Beyond that, corn representations take on strange forms, such as the maniacal giant corn from the Wurstmarkt. When some friends and I went to the Miramar spa complex, we came across this representation of corn:

First of all, my mind was blown by the concept of a vending machine that provides freshly popped popcorn. I actually wish that I had tried some as this concept is intriguing

Secondly, my friend made a good point: she wondered why it is the corn is portrayed in such a creepy way. She knows of the Wurstmarkt corn booth too. Why do the corn cobs on this machine look so crazy? Why do they have teeth?!

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