Saturday, March 22, 2014

That is one jacked-up looking sheep

I love art and visiting art museums so it's no surprise that I made sure to visit a museum during my trip to Bruges in February. I chose the Groeningemuseum Brugge Museum as I especially wanted to see the crazy Hieronymus Bosch painting, The Last Judgment.

That wasn't the only interesting painting in the museum's collection. Flemish painter Lancelot Blondeel's Legende van de heilige Joris (Legend of St. George) caught my eye. This wasn't because of St. George's heroic deed of slaying the dragon (which looks like some sort of weird rat-dog-lion-man-bat). I was more interested in the super awkward supporting cast. I was so taken by them that I forgot to even take a picture of the main action in the painting!

 I would dub this part "Woman with Horribly Awkward Sheep."

"Derp!" says Mr. Sheep.

Man on an equally awkward (but for different reasons) horse. Um, Lancelot? Horses don't have legs like that* and unfortunately the foreshadowing didn't work for his stubby outside leg. Even the horse looks ticked off about this.

*Okay, I guess I have seen some horses with incredibly upright legs and horrible conformation, but if a real horse was put together like this painted one, he wouldn't be able to walk.

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