Sunday, March 9, 2014

Seen in Seligenstadt, Germany

On Saturday my friend S and I traveled to Seligenstadt, a handsome town with half-timbered buildings and cobblestone streets*.  We came for the Europäischer Ostereiermarkt, or the International Easter Egg Market in the museum in the Benedictine Abbey. In addition to visiting the market, we also strolled throughout town to take in the sights and to enjoy the beautiful, sunny and warm weather.

First we happened upon this old motorcycle with its passenger's car.

Then we passed by this bar and saw the dog in the window enjoying the weather too. Oh, Germany, you are so wonderful that dogs get to visit the bar too!

Elderly ladies and their walkers were out in force. Not only was the dog in the window enjoying the bar, but some grannies were too, as evidenced by their parked walkers on the left.

Some other grannies were even more active! Several pushed their bikes past us. It was amazing, because the bikes were almost as tall as they were. I was wondering how they are able to hop onto the seats, which were adjusted to be quite tall.

Here's a spiffy guy who decorates the side of a building. I thought his pasties (and not the kind that Yoopers eat!) were quite festive but my friend burst my bubble when she asked if his "intestines" were falling out. My hopes are that the intestines (?) are just decorative flowers in a Baroque show of exuberance. One can hope, right?

When we visited the Landschaftsmuseum later to see the Easter Egg Market, I also caught some unusual pieces in the museum's collection: Lil' Baby Wrapped Up Slightly Creepy Jesus, anyone?

If that's not your style, how about Potential Older Lil' Baby (okay, Toddler) Jesus in a jar?

Or, even creepier yet, how about a memorial wall plaque (possibly) made of the hair from the deceased being memorialized?

*aka streets that make Ms. Around the Wherever silently worry very much about her ankles, which are prone to strains.

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