Monday, March 10, 2014

Restaurant Review: Döneria, Seligenstadt, Germany

Aschaffenburger Strasse 14, Seligentstadt
M-Sat. 11:00 am - 10:30 pm; Sun. 12 pm - 10 pm

During our trip to Seligenstadt, we decided to pop into the döner shop for a quick meal. Döneria is a five minute walk from the monastery and basilica, near the city's downtown square.

We ordered at the counter with the friendly staff. They had us sit down and about five minutes later brought our food to our table. S, my friend, ordered a döner served in grilled flatbread.

I ordered the "kleiner Vorspiesenteller," which is the "small appetizer plate." When I received my plate, I did a double-take: it didn't look like a small plate at all!

It included: a small scoop of couscous (not a whole lot of flavor, unfortunately); two delicious rice-stuffed grapeleaves (these were perfect, with a lovely taste of fresh lemon juice); a small scoop of pasta salad (covered in a flavorful tomato type sauce but served cool); a small salad; some grilled zucchini, eggplant, and peppers (tasty); a small salad with a light dressing; two teigröllchen (puff pastry filled with sheep's cheese -- delicious and greasy); two zucchini savory pancakes (delicious and greasy too); a cold cannelloni bean salad in a tomato sauce; some yogurt-based sauce (similar to salad dressing); and two fried, breaded pieces of sheep's cheese (tasty but I wish I had eaten these right away as I think they would be better when hot). To top this all off, I was also given a basket of grilled strips of flatbread.

I was quite surprised at how much food there was. It was good and a great deal for 6 euros. This plate would be enough for two people.

My friend enjoyed her döner, too. This small shop with seating for about 15 people has decent enough prices and is a typical döner restaurant. There are plenty of vegetarian offerings, though they tend to be fried. For a quick lunch or a late night snack, Döneria gets the job done with friendly staff.


  1. Hi, I'm so glad I found your blog:) I have a very very bad case of wanderlust these days.. I used to live in Ramstein-Meisenbach years and years ago. I was happy to see how you ate. I want to go back with my family and remember that there was so much meat it seemed. I don't really eat it any longer and I have one son who would just curl up if I told him he had to eat real meat. (he's a bit dramatic for 11) We can't go to the German Restaurant here because they don't have any vegetarian dishes at all. I'm so glad to see that we would have food options. Thanks.

  2. Welcome, Julie. I'm glad you stopped by! I'm not into meat, either (okay, I do like bacon now and again, but that's about it). I've found that Turkish places are a good place to try for vegetarian items. Unfortunately, many of the items are fried. A new East African restaurant just opened in Kaiserslautern and it's amazing and some dishes might even be vegan. I need to get around to writing about that place. It is so delicious and that's pretty much the only place I ever want to go. Urban in downtown KL is also good and has plenty of vegetarian options too.