Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hostess of the Year Award

Last weekend, some friends came over for an event we were attending together. It was wonderful to have them over but I was a bit frazzled; I won't lie. I had planned the event for 20 people and had helped coordinate another event later that evening (though my role was minimal on the latter). That week German class and work had been busy all while I was getting over being sick for a month.

After the first event, I sent my two friends on their way to my house along with my house keys to let themselves in while I dropped off the other friends I had given a ride. When I showed up, I wanted to offer a snack and a drink to the friends who had been waiting.

Keep in mind: I am no Martha Stewart (which is totally okay with me, since I find her a little bit scary even though she's talented). I also live like a total bachelor (female version though). My fridge contained vegan margarine, an onion, and tahini. I couldn't exactly MacGyver an appetizer out of that. I hadn't been grocery shopping because of being sick and too busy afterward. I turned to my cupboard, which at least had a few other options.

I had it! I offered my guests a choice of Stovetop stuffing or some cheddar biscuits from a mix, since those were pretty much the only convenience foods I had in the cupboard. My friends happily picked the Stovetop stuffing and drank fruit tea with it.

I happily file this entry under Domesticity Fail, even though everyone enjoyed the stuffing.

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