Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reporting on the Kaiserslautern Pfennigbasar

I took a long lunch yesterday and stopped by the Basar, arriving about 15 minutes after it had started. It was packed with people and of course folks bumped into me. One of the ladies working there (gently) grabbed me by my hips to move me over. Oy vey. It was done in a friendly manner, but "excuse me" works well with me too, I promise!

Anyway, I picked up a pair of Girbaud jeans for 1 euro (remember how dang cool those were in the 90s?), a glass water pitcher for 2 euros, and a bike reflector for 50 cents.

Weaving among everyone, I took in the cornucopia of items: tons of clothes, shoes, sporting goods, books, records, decorations, housewares, and even antiques! (It's debatable if they're valuable, but hey, one never knows!). Seriously, this is the place to go, especially for people looking for items for their homes (college kids especially). The only thing not available is furniture, but that makes sense since there is not enough room.

If the shopping has incited hunger, there are beverages, desserts, bread rolls, and even sausages for sale at reasonable prices.

The event hall where it's held is huge and it's packed with second hand delights. I highly recommend a visit! It's open until this Sunday (9 March). Here's more info. Just to be clear: I don't get anything out of sharing this information, other than the satisfaction of recommending some thrifty awesomeness.

Knick knacks galore!
The sale is in the Gartenschau event hall on the left.

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