Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Straight from the German's mouth: on feet and sandals

It is not uncommon to see German folks (usually men) wearing sandals with socks. In fact, it's even possible to receive, as a gift with purchase of sandals, special socks to wear with sandals (as I wrote about here). I think it looks really, really silly. After all, if one's feet are cold enough to need socks, then why not just wear regular shoes?

I actually was able to speak to a real, live German* and he shared his thoughts about this. He thinks that wearing socks with sandals makes sense because one can air his feet out yet keep them warm too.** So, there you have it: some reasoning from a German male regarding this practice.

*I am being silly here, in case that wasn't obvious.
**I teased him and told him that wasn't a good enough reason and it still looks goofy.


  1. I asked my father about it, and he said that when he was young he wouldn't do it either. But at a certain age it is more comfortable with socks. At least he wears socks that are the same xolour as the sandals.

  2. Here is another real live German writing. I think the reasoning voiced by the other real live German is the most prevalent reasoning behind wearing socks and sandals.

    Fiverr Work wonders "if one's feet are cold enough to need socks, then why not just wear regular shoes?" Well, socks and sandals represent an intermediate level of warming and providing ventilation. After all, wearing regular shoes often means leather shoes, which block of air. So, dismissing socks and sandals is a bit like arguing in favor of wearing either shorts or long leather pants.

    That being said, I never ever wore socks and sandals (except when I was a kid and my parents just made me do it), I strongly dislike the looks of sandals by themselves, let alone in combination with socks.

  3. I do like the rationality of the idea, but to me, it does still look silly.