Sunday, June 15, 2014

Restaurant Review: Teheran, Hamburg


Adenauerallee 70, 20097 Hamburg

After our visit to the Kunst und Gerwebe Museum, we were ready for lunch. We were on our way to one restaurant when we came across Teheran, a Persian restaurant close to the main train station. We took a look at the menu and decided to give it a try. It was a great choice!

C. and I sat in the patio behind the building. It was a lovely area, surrounded by greenery and reasonably quiet despite its proximity to the main train station.

We deliberated over the menu. Even though the vegetarian section wasn't huge (there were four main course options), I had a hard time deciding. I finally settled on kaschke bademjan, a delicious dish of roasted eggplant, layered with a creamy whey sauce, caramelized onions, fried herbs, and possibly some goat cheese. Oh, were the complex tastes wonderful! There was a slight bit of smokiness from the eggplants, combined with tanginess of the cheese.

Kaschke bademjan: nom nom!

C. ordered the chicken kabob (#64), grilled in saffron and lemon. She said it was citrusy and delicious. It was served with a salad and the dressing tasted similar to 1000 Island.

Chicken kabob
 We were also given an appetizer as part of the meal. It was flat bread, a huge pile of fresh herbs, some goat cheese, radishes, and some onion slices. It was very refreshing to eat flat bread with the herbs, which included mint and parsley.

Our dining experience was very pleasant. Prices were fine; my dish was 8,50 and C's was 11,50. Service was fast, the food delicious, and the outdoor patio was lovely. 

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