Thursday, June 26, 2014

American Groceries I'd Miss

I currently have the ability to buy American groceries and products at retail prices in the vicinity where I live. I am lucky to have such a privilege, for sure. If I didn't have access to these products, I could certainly make do, and in many cases, find more delicious and inexpensive gourmet-type food on the German economy.

There are definitely some things that I would miss if I couldn't buy them at American prices. The top of my list is the following:

Baking soda available the American food section at a German store
 No, not the Crisco! I'm talking about baking soda. I love that stuff, and not just for baking; in my house, it gets used more often for cleaning! I sprinkle some of it and some vinegar in household drains not only to create a nifty science experiment but also to help clean, sanitize, and deodorize them. I also sprinkle some on the bottom of Moo's litter box after I've washed it to help neutralize odors.

I haven't found inexpensive, big boxes of this in the German stores but I can buy a decently sized box at the commissary. For my extensive use of it, I do really miss being able to buy the really huge boxes for practically nothing at the warehouse stores in the US.


  1. I'm not sure how big the 'huge' ones are but I saw larger boxes at the commissary today than I recall seeing before. 1.19 is crazy for baking soda those. That's twice the commissary price.

  2. Yeah, it's totally expensive! I love baking soda for cleaning and well, baking, so it's good that I can buy it at reasonable prices.