Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Strawberry Sellers of Hamburg

I love spring time in Germany. Okay, to be honest, I like every time in Germany, but spring time is especially lovely! In addition to the lovely weather and more buoyant moods of everyone, there are other fun things to anticipate.

For example, it's time for the return of some lovely local produce. Spargel and strawberries are for sale in full force. Even better yet? Little strawberry huts pop up! It's so fun to buy strawberries from someone who's sitting in a giant strawberry. (Oh lawdy, I wish they sold everything in huts shaped like what they were selling. How dang fun would that be?)

Hamburg was no exception; check out the cute strawberry hut we saw in the Schulterblatt neighborhood:

I was even more delighted when I saw something similar, reproduced in a small scale, at Minitaur Wunderland:

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