Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Product Review: Use-It (travel) Guides

I had found a really cool tourist guide for the city from Use-It Guides:  They are non-commercial guides written by locals. We also found one for Leuven and one for Mechelen and were totally pleased with both of them! We learned about sights off the beaten path and some offbeat things as well about both cities. I don't think I've ever been this pleased with a city guide before, and I couldn't beat the price: it was free to print off the internet. And no, I don't get any compensation for saying how happy I was with the guide; I just like to share when I find a great information source  ;) 

The only problem I have with the guides is that they don't give the exact address of the sight; a map is included, but we really could have used the street address when we were looking all over for a museum in Leuven. A couple of the restaurants we tried to visit were closed, but the weekend that we used the older edition of the map, apparently a newer edition came out. As with any guide books/maps, if you're really set on seeing something or eating somewhere in particular, it's never a bad idea to do your own checking ahead of time. We were still really happy with the experience, though. 

In fact, I'm considering making a trip to some of the cities they feature that I wouldn't have visited otherwise, just because the Use-It guides make it the visit so interesting.

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