Friday, September 20, 2013

My other favorite drink of the summer/upcoming posts

I had Eisschokolade about three times this summer. I enjoyed another drink far more often: iced tea! I made it myself with many different varieties of fruit/herbal tea and it's quite lovely.

I just brewed a large vat of tea the regular way and stuck it in the fridge (well, I let it cool down a bit first). I don't add anything extra to it but it certainly is possible. Since I'm from the northern part of the US, I don't get into that cloyingly sweet tea that is so popular in the southern US, but I would imagine one could dump sugar in it if one wanted ;) 

I found a new tea that I really like, and it is quite tasty as iced tea: pomegranate mint. I know, it sounds like an odd combination, but it's really quite good. The mint is not overpowering and adds some nice notes. I bought it at TeeGschwendner; they had a sample available of it made as iced tea. I ended up buying a bag of it. Darn! Usually I try to not submit to advertising, but I'm a bit of a sucker for herbal and fruit teas.

I'm still super busy with three classes and work, but someday, I hope to write about:
-the conclusion of the trip to Mechelen;
-what it is like to take a German class at the Volkshochschule;
-the trip we took to Ghent;
-autumn in Germany (and maybe how I haven't gotten much chance to experience it);
-going to the American doctor whose practice is on the German economy (yeah, slightly confusing);
-going to the American dentist whose practice is on the Germany economy;
-more about going to the German Apotheke;
-why my credit card won't work any more if I go to the last three businesses I just mentioned;
-a further review of AHRN and the Kaiserslautern Housing Office;
-more about my August trip/class to Berlin with plenty of historical information;
-renting bikes from Deutsche Bahn;
-a review of some other thrift stores in Kaiserslautern;
-the most awesome, vegan cauliflower recipe ever that makes me want to just hippie out, eat a ton of it, douse myself in patchouli and burn incense (well, all except for the last one because I can't breathe around incense);

and, going even farther back, because I'm just that far behind:
 -Long Night of the Museums in Heidelberg (oops, from April!);
-the Maimarkt in Mannheim...

...and even more. Phew! I don't see that I'll have a lot of time until my online class ends. That class has taken more time than any of my other classes were in-person had taken. I could totally slack in the class and not spend so much time on it, but I also really do want to learn the content. The end (of the class) is in sight; soon I'll be a (somewhat) free(r) woman.


  1. I'm in three classes also. I feel the same way sometimes. I really could just skim the material and use what I need for the conferences, but since I actually want to learn it I tend to read it all and take notes. As a result I spend hours more on the class than I would otherwise. I am also way behind on my blog. My next post is actually about December of last year.

  2. We both attend the same institution. I appreciate that there are many ways to take their classes, including online, but I really long for the in-person classes, especially for learning German. I signed up for an online German class, and found myself in tears when I read the syllabus and started the work. Yes, that's overdramatic and stupid, but I realized it was going to be horrible. Read the book, listen to the cds, and do the homework in the syllabus. That is no way to truly learn a language; one really needs immediate feedback and the back and forth interaction. I dropped the class and took a class, with fieldtrips, on German Life and Culture, instead. I'm so glad that I did because it was an amazing class and the instructor is retiring. I had to smile about being behind in posts, too. I always feel a bit strange to write about events so far after the event, but I suppose I could always write an update with links to the prior content when the event comes up the next year.

    1. I can see where it would be difficult to learn a language online. I'm in the counseling program and while some classes work okay online, I do like at least having the 2-3 weekends per session that come with the hybrid classes because we can actually practice and get feedback. Unfortunately since they're doing away with the program the only classes they will be offering as hybrids are the ones that have to be that way so I've only got two left as hybrids and the rest will be all online until the practicum and internship.

      I don't think there's really a statute of limitations on writing about events. For me I would rather keep going in order than to skip things because they were too long ago or to have both kinds going at the same time. Like you say you can always link back to the previous content if the same event comes up twice.