Sunday, September 29, 2013

Product review: Pillsbury Funfetti Glazed Chocolate Lil Donut kit

The mix, and the doughnuts, ready to bake. They don't look appetizing!
I picked up an interesting baked good mix at the commissary: Pillsbury Funfetti Glazed Chocolate Lil Donut kit.

German bakeries don't serve doughnuts and there isn't a wide variety of premade doughnuts at the commissary, so I thought I'd give the mix a try. All that one adds is margarine and water to the dough and milk to the glaze.

I ended up baking them longer than was called for because they seemed too mushy at the recommended time. They were really flattened on the bottom. After they cooled off, I coated them in the glaze and then added the sprinkles. I found that it's necessary to put the sprinkles on right after the glaze (no pausing) or they won't stick well.

I am not really enamored with these. They are okay, I guess, if one is desperate for a chocolate doughnut hole. However, they are sickeningly sweet. I have been cooking from scratch more often so I forget just how insanely sugary American mixes are. Plus, they taste sooo fake. Duh, what else could I have been expecting from such a mix, I know.

So, I'd give them a C+.

OKAY, edit is necessary: they don't taste that good when they're freshly baked/several hours after being done, but the next day they're much, much better.

I revise my grade to a B+ on them (they're still super sweet).


  1. If you're jonesing for donuts - I highly reccommend Alton Brown's recipe. And there's also a quite a few good ones floating around Back before we moved back to the land of Timmy Ho's I made some most every weekend.

  2. Cool! Thanks. My friend made some delish homemade doughnuts. Maybe I'll just have to "butter" her up (har har) to see if she'll make some more? ;) I don't eat doughnuts very often and I think my next project is making better cakes but I'll come back to doughnuts again.