Saturday, September 28, 2013

Further obsession at the Kaiserslautern Wochenmarkt

Om nom nom nom.

This will be my upcoming week of delicious eats, for sure, thanks to my visit today to the Wochenmarkt (we'd call it a farmers' market) in downtown Kaiserslautern.

I picked up some goodies: 3 (!) cauliflowers to make the most delicious, cheesy, vegan baked cauliflower dish ever, two bottles of new wine (called Federweisser here), kale (oh goodness, I can't wait! I almost want to delay my trip to Heidelberg for Herbstfest so I can have a kale feast), and feta cheese with herbs. I had to practically waddle home because I stuffed two cauliflowers in my backpack and the rest I clumsily carried in my arms. All was well, though.

I bought some different varieties of my favorites. Last time, I had curly kale (or Grünkohl in German). This week, I bought Schwartzkohl, which has a broader, flatter leaf. Even though it's "black kale," it's not really black; it's just a darker green. I prefer curly kale, but believe me, I'm not giving up any kale opportunities and black kale is still delicious.

I also tried a new type of cauliflower and it's super funky looking! The middle part is green and it's spiky. I tried some and it tastes just like regular cauliflower. It's called cauliflower romanesco, or Roman cauliflower. I have read that when it's raw, it tastes like cauliflower, but when it's cooked, it tastes like broccoli. It will be interesting to try this frankenflower!

I rounded out my trip by buying some red (rot) new wine, too. I have tried the white and I think it's only fair that I also try the red. Of course, I didn't want the white new wine to feel left out, so I bought a bottle of that, too. It is a good excuse to have friends over for some delicious harvests from the season.

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