Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In which I eat cauliflower for a week straight...and love it

I found a vegan recipe for cauliflower baked with a "cheesy" coating of nutritional yeast at the Delighted Momma blog; click here for the recipe. It was so delicious that I have been eating it all week (in addition to the kale that has become my obsession). I know it's kind of weird to eat the same thing all week, but I never try to pretend that I'm normal (I find it boring). I'm also lazy about grocery shopping, especially for fresh produce, so I will buy a lot of one thing and be stuck eating it all week. This recipe was a pleasure to eat though.

The main yum-ifying (is that a word?) ingredient is the nutritional yeast. I know, that name does not sound appetizing at all. However, it truly is tasty and is a great way to get a cheesy taste while keeping recipes vegan. Plus, it's packed with vitamins and minerals and is more healthful than is regular cheese. Delighted Momma has written up more benefits and ways to use it here.

It's possible to buy nutritional yeast at  most health food stores in the US. I'm not sure if it's possible to buy it in Germany; I find the health food stores here a bit daunting because of my lack of German language skills. One common brand is Bragg's. I buy my nutritional yeast from Amazon; I find the prices to be a bit lower and I bought the one pound Hoosier Hill Farm container, which was about $16.* It seems rather expensive, but a little goes a long way and to me, it's worth it to replace high fat cheese.

I also learned an awesome tip about cauliflower (and possibly broccoli too): it's possible to eat the whole head of it! I used to throw away the outer leaves and stem, but now I use all of it except for the really tough veins on the leaves. Those seem to take forever to cook to the point where they'd be tender enough to eat. I especially adore the leaves after baking them; they remind me of kale and they're so delicious and crispy.

*I hope this doesn't come as an advertisement; I don't get anything out of mentioning this, other than helping readers find it if they want it.

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