Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yoga, Moo, and the dangers therein

Moo has a keen interest in yoga. He is pictured here, seated next to his yoga kit.

I was doing yoga last night.

I'm a bit wobbly since my balance is terrible (all part of the being clumsy thing).

Moo entered the room and was excited to see me.

He knew I was a captive audience.

He made a bee line (moo line?) for me.

When he wants attention, he butts me with his head.

I saw him coming as I was doing a yoga pose, and I was like, dang it, Moo, don't come here and headbutt me and make me fall over!

Then I was laughing so  hard because it made me think of Jaws with ominous music and him approaching.

I was laughing so hard that I ended up falling over anyway.

As I laid on the floor, laughing, he came up and head butted me.

I laughed harder.

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