Thursday, May 9, 2013

Desperate times call for desperate measures...and crummy photos

German word of the day: machen (verb: to make)

I wanted to make some rice krispy treats. One night after class, I stopped by the commissary. I thought that it was a home run to pick up some marshmallows to make the treats. Well, marshmallows were available, but only in the jumbo size. Have you ever seen them? They'd give the Stay Puft man a run for his puffy money!

The need for the treats was too high so I bought the ginormous marshmallows and thought I could just MacGyver them into submission later. I was a bit miffed that only the large marshmallows were available; after all, I visited the big(ger) commissary and they usually have a reasonable selection. However, I also remembered that as part of the federal budget cuts, the commissaries won't be ordering as many items and they won't restock proactively, either.

I bought some rice krispies and was on my merry way. However, being the dumbkopf that I am, once I got home I realized that I didn't have any margarine/butter. I furiously Googled and decided that I'd take my chances using cooking oil. I also then realized that I had no clue how many jumbo marshmallows to use. What ensued next was a combination of information retrieval, math, breaking out the kitchen scale, and conversions to grams, with a bit of Girl Scout skillz thrown in with whittling down the marshmallows to a more melt-able scale.

After all of that, the result was definitely satisfactory. So yes, it's possible to do the following during rice krispy treat machen: a) use jumbo marshmallows; and b) use cooking oil (i.e. corn oil) as a substitute for butter or margarine.

When in doubt, use the digital scale you bought for soap making to come up with the conversion for how many grams of monster sized marshmallows to use.

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