Friday, May 3, 2013

Wherefore art thou, mein Fahrrad?

Sombreros and cycles: that's the way I roll (get it? roll? har har)

German word for today: das Fahrrad (the bike); fahr means driving and Rad is a wheel (driving wheel)

As I was preparing for my move here, I packed two bike: one for me, and one to let a (future) friend ride (it's always good to plan ahead for friends you haven't made yet ;)  The packers, being no fun (or perhaps not wanting to bash their legs), removed the pedals from the bikes.

One of the bikes was missing a pedal when it showed up on the flip side (of the ocean). The movers couldn't find it so I had to buy a new set. I haven't been able to get the new set installed.

Why is this so? Well, I'll admit it: I'm fully incompetent with anything mechanical.

The other explanation might be that I bought the wrong size pedals. However, I believe that this is still related to my ineptitude with mechanical issues.

The second bike's tubes in the tires need to be replaced so it's not a ready option, either.

I need to find some sort of resolution for this because it would be very nice to ride the bike. Plus, I need to get ready for the big event in August on the Weinstrasse: Wikipedia, oh so "reliable" source that it is, notes that "On the last Sunday in August, the route is closed to motorized traffic for German Wine Route Day (Erlebnistag Deutsche Weinstraße) with many wineries and Straußwirtschaften open air (seasonal wine bars) open to the hundreds of thousands of hikers, cyclers and inline skaters who visit this festival."

I would hate to miss that! And, some day before that, it might even be not rainy, cloudy, and cold here so I could enjoy some biking in preparation.

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  1. Maybe you could invest in a good German bike. You'd look just like the natives...