Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It is not possible! Oh yes it is!

I have noticed that sometimes Germans, when explaining in English something that is not allowed, will say "it is not possible."

In my head, I'm a total smart Alec and I think, oh, it's possible, but it's just not allowed. I keep this to myself, though.

I have also heard the French say that something is impossible when it's not allowed.

It might not be allowed to draw on this ad in Vienna but it is certainly possible!

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  1. Well, is language a logical code? please, compare: when the English say 'You must not' is means it is not allowed. Taking it literally it _would_ be 'You are not compelled to'..

    'it is impossible' - may be part of an exclamation, it may be a strengthener , it may even be a lie..

    Once a Turkish told me that they say 'Words do not have bones' - I think, yeah, that's nice

    bernd from berlin

    is onla y atrngthener