Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reason #whatever that I love living here: friends over for an impromptu dinner!

Some friends and I originally planned to have dinner last night at Quack, a restaurant/hostel in Kaiserslautern. We wanted to try the Pfälzer Buffet, which features regional Palatinate Forest (i.e.  Pfälzerwald) specialties. It is reasonably priced and I was looking forward to trying being able to try small amounts of things I wasn't sure if I'd like or not, vs. taking the risk of ordering a full meal of it. Plus, it's Spargel season, darn it, and I haven't had any at a restaurant yet. My friends made reservations and we were all set to go. 

Then we heard that the restaurant canceled the dinner. What the heck? They gave no reason, and we were all disappointed. It was actually funny how disappointed we all were!

I wanted to save the night (and hang out with my friends) so I suggested dinner at my house and my friends happily agreed. Of course, I only offered after I did a frantic scan of what I had in the cupboard/fridge. I'm horrible about grocery shopping (it makes me very grumpy) and I'm very much a bachelorette; I have no problem with eating cold vegetable soup out of a can. In spite of this, I discerned that I could offer a spinach souffle, cheddar biscuits, and roasted potatoes/carrots. Having all those fresh ingredients was a total fluke!

I scrambled to put all the ingredients together and clean the apartment (die Wohnung - there's your German for the day!) since I hadn't been planning to have guests and I was originally going to clean the place on Sunday. 

An hour later my friends showed up with a delicious rhubarb crumble and we had a great night. I was so pleased that the spinach souffle turned out deliciously; it was a new recipe and I'm not super domestic so I was a bit worried about it. After we enjoyed dinner, Moo the Cat paraded around and had attention lavished on him. He really enjoys when I have people over for dinner.

I am loving living here. I love that my friends live so close that it's possible to have a last minute dinner together where they just walk over.


  1. The spinach souffle sounds tasty. Are you willing to share the recipe?

  2. Sure! Here's the site where I found it:

    I didn't use fresh spinach since I only had frozen, but the frozen was still good. I didn't have scallions, either, but did add a little bit of fresh garlic. It was a very easy recipe that even someone very non-domestic could throw together in a heartbeat and my guests enjoyed it too.