Sunday, April 14, 2013

The most fabulous chocolates box I have ever seen

I was shopping at Rewe, a grocery store, in town. I especially like Rewe because its name is said kind of like "rave-uh" so whenever I shop there, in my head, I'm imagining that I'm going to an awesome rave and it's quite the party. Of course, once I'm actually inside, I feel the desperation of people trying to run through their Saturday shopping and it doesn't seem nearly so cool, but whatevs.

I was admiring the candy aisle. As small as the Rewe is in town, it sure has a lot of candy! I was especially amazed by this box of chocolates:

I was very impressed by him because he almost looks like a cartoon he's so fabulous -- and maybe that's a little bit of the creepy factor. His shoes are even sparkly! I took a picture of the back to translate eventually because I think he says something about the frau being a princess when she eats his chocolates...or something like that. When I first saw this, I thought it was just a take on Mozartkugeln.

I then hit the jackpot of information, thanks to a family member, who is also living in Germany. She told me that this marvelous man is Harald Glööckler and he's a German fashion designer. I found an English version of the German press release about the chocolates: "With the 'GLÖÖCKLER PRALINÖÖS' praline creation now snacking every woman feel like royalty and like a true princess."

Even better yet, an interview with him is available. According to the interview, he's the fashion prince and the women are the princesses. He's also very handsome, according to him. Good to know.



  1. He seems to be an interesting person and also very talented.


  2. I'm so thankful that he is very direct about telling people that; how would they know otherwise?!