Saturday, April 13, 2013

And I thought I couldn't get my car down that road...SWK, you rock!

Since I was "bed ridden" (read: really sick with a sinus infection for two days this week), I did a lot of German staring out my window. I was treated to a special sight: the SWK municipal trash truck! Yippie! Yeah, I'm weird; I thought it was cool. Part of my reasoning is that as a tourist, we don't always get to see all of everyday life in a foreign country; we receive a somewhat edited view.

Since I live here, now I can see what it's like for a resident. Usually I'm gone by the time the trash truck comes. Many of the side streets are incredibly narrow here. I was walking down a street on the other side of the block and was so glad that I had purchased a parking permit for the opposite side because I don't think my car could even fit down the narrow road.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw the HUGE trash truck maneuver down the street! It was totally crazy. You can see the two trash men in orange. They got out of the truck to help the driver navigate. There was a lot of backing up and pulling forward to make the turn. It made me feel not *quite* so guilty for doing this in my car -- hey, I'm used to big roads! What can I say.

Edited to add: when I made the picture bigger, I saw the woman in the window in the building on the left. Funny! She's doing some staring as well.

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