Thursday, April 18, 2013

Restaurant Review: Sam Kullman's Diner, Kaiserslautern

Sam Kullman's Diner
Mainzer Straße 119, Kaiserslautern

A dining partner and I stopped by Sam Kullman's Diner, which bills itself as an "American style diner." The parking lot was full, especially with American cars. It was a draw of something that should be familiar to Americans: diner food. However, this food was anything but familiar to an American palate.

We ordered an appetizer plate of "nachos," a milkshake, and a hot chocolate. It was difficult to catch a waiter and service was very slow, especially considering the small order we placed.

The nachos were a total disappointment and nothing that an actual American would consider nachos. They used some sort of Cool Ranch Dorito-style chips with what seemed to be some sort of goat cheese and unseasoned beef.  They were really quite unappetizing and they were way off: American-style nachos are generally plain (or salted) tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, and taco seasoned beef. Prices were quite high, especially for an appetizer.

Also, on the menu, they charge for everything extra, such as barbecue sauce or other condiments. That's not very unusual for a German restaurant, but for an American-style diner, it seems unusual, and the condiments were quite expensive at €1.50.

The one positive about the restaurant is the it actually does look a diner inside and is cute. However, I can't recommend the place. It's expensive; the food isn't good; and the waiters are difficult to pin down and don't seem particularly interested in providing service.

Can you spot the American cars? The owners will be disappointed if they want actual American-style food!

This is amusing: American-style diner with an "Einfart."

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