Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hotel Review: Hotel Barbarossahof in Kaiserslautern

Americans affiliated with the military stay here often.
Hotel Barbarossahof

While I was looking for an apartment (a process that took six weeks; eek!), I stayed at the Hotel Barbarossahof at the eastern edge of Kaiserslautern. It was  a very pleasant stay at the family-owned, non-chain hotel.

-Very friendly, helpful staff who always seemed cheery and professional, even as hordes of guests, including those with screaming/bratty kids, descended upon the hotel.
-Very clean.
-Excellent breakfast buffet with traditional German breakfast items like cereal, cold cuts and delicious Brötchen (literally, "little bread," or rolls), as well as hot breakfast items like bacon and eggs.
-Attached restaurant serves meals and drinks and the prices are moderate. There are special meals available during the holidays.
-Very comfortable bed in the room.
-Mini fridge in the room as well as the availability of renting a microwave for longer term stays.

-Free wifi internet in the lobby, nominal price in rooms.
-Sauna and workout room in the basement. There's even a tanning bed! 
-Very accommodating of pets - Moo was welcome for an extra €5 a day and he always seemed happy when I came back to the hotel. Even though the hotel allows pets, it's still super, super clean. It helps that most of the floors are marble/tile.
-Reasonably priced.
-Fast response from the hotel: I had emailed a couple times before I arrived to ask about various things and staff responded quickly.

Moo gives the hotel two paws up.

-The location is really good for military personnel in the K-Town area because it's very close to Kleber, Panzer, Daenner, and a short drive to Sembach. However, if one doesn't have a car, it's very difficult to get to any of them, even though Kleber etc. are pretty close. There really isn't a way to walk there without going way out the way.
-There is a bus stop right in front of the hotel but the bus stops very seldomly.
-Sometimes the hotel can be a bit loud because of the hordes of people staying there.

Overall impression: Staff at the hotel made my stay there a very pleasant one; they were so kind and helpful. The hotel was super clean, the included breakfast was delicious, and Moo loved staying there. I'd definitely recommend the hotel for those looking for somewhere comfortable and reasonably priced.

Old school bike rack in the main parking lot.

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