Friday, April 12, 2013

Now does this really make sense?

Add least cover your head if you're going out in the cold!

I was talking with some locals about the fact that I'm lazy environmentally conscious and don't use a hair dryer in the morning. I also like to sleep in as long as I can, so this means that I always leave the house with wet hair. The women I was speaking with were horrified and wondered if I'd get sick from doing that. Well, I've been doing this for decades with no ill effects (other than the fact that my hair has developed ice crystals a couple times).

We then were talking about German bathrooms and how they usually lack exhaust fans. Without batting an eye, my conversation partners said that I should just keep the windows in the bathroom open when I take a shower to avoid mold forming in the bathroom.

I just couldn't help myself, so I said: you were worried that I would get sick from going outside with wet hair, but I should be inside, trying to take a shower, freezing, with the windows open?

Internally, I was cracking up. Germany!

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