Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where's the Beef?

I stopped by Hornbach, which is a hardware store similar to Home Depot, to pick up some cat litter for Moo the Cat* since the store has one of the better prices on a large bag of it.

I saw a brand of cat supplies with the logo above: Mr. Beef. 

For some reason, I was bothered by this logo. I don't know if it's that I'm feeling like the logo implies that the cat is edible and tastes like beef (I would have guessed chicken, myself) or...I'm not sure! Or, is the food in this brand made of cats so they're like beef?  Or, even more accurately, am I just reading too much into this?

Part of me also finds it funny so I'm conflicted. 

I'm also a hypocrite. I have decided that if I ever own a dog, I would like to name him Bacon Bob Barker. Originally, the name was just going to be Bob Barker - get it, dogs bark, but he's also the host of The Price is Right? However, I think bacon is awesome so if someone said "I love bacon," I could say "me too!" and also be referring to my dog. Considering that it is unlikely that I will ever own a dog (they just don't work with my traveling lifestyle), I might not ever have a furry friend named B^3.

*speaking of Moo the Cat, I was talking to another student in my German class. She was surprised to hear that his name was Moo (which I think is a perfectly lovely and fitting name, btw). She then asked, "is he Muh the Kuh?" (Moo the Cow, in German). Yes, he is! Well, kind of. Cows are female, but whatever. We'll use the term in the colloquial since not everyone knows the proper bovine terms.

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