Friday, November 1, 2013

Store Review: Jung Kunst Galerie, Kaiserslautern
Fackelstrasse 30, Kaiserslautern
Hours: M-F 1000-1800; Saturday 1000-1600

Kaiserslautern has a small selection of nice gift stores. Another one that I enjoy is Jung Kunst Galerie which is located on one of the main pedestrian shopping streets. It can be easy to overlook because its storefront is unassuming and one must climb several flights of stairs to reach it.

The store offers costume jewelry that is quite nice with lines from Konplott and others. One of the main features of the store is knick knacks and holiday decorations. I stopped by to buy holiday gifts for my family and saw cute Santa figurines, Christmas dioramas, nativity sets, wall hangings, etc. The store even has some really cute metal robots; some wind up and move! Sculptures and art items are available as well.

I really like the employees there too. I've visited several times and they've always been very friendly and helpful. English is spoken.

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