Saturday, November 16, 2013

What is it with raccoons and trying to learn German?

I resumed my university German class this term as they finally offered it in person again. I liked the previous instructor as a person for the most part, but as an instructor...let's just say that I learned more about his unusual personal life than I did about speaking German.

My new instructor has taught us a warp speeds. I'm adjusting and am taking notes as quickly as I can. I really like that she incorporates different activities and I won't lie: I love the activity where we answer German questions by writing on whiteboards and holding them up to see who's the fastest. It feels like a game show or something (man, I need to get a life ;)

Ms. Current instructor was asking about the previous instructor's class. I told her that he was obsessed with talking about fighting a raccoon in a tree while his friend shot at them both. I was just starting to say that I like Ms. Current's class better because we're more on-topic with German when she said that she could talk about raccoons too because her mom uses a stick with a Santa Claus head on the end of it to poke raccoons in her yard. 


Ms. Current's family doesn't even live in the south of the US, either; when I hear about these events, they usually seem to have a southern flair for some reason (well, except for that time when my friend in Michigan was swinging an opossum around her head, but that friend is a wild one).

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