Friday, November 8, 2013

Restaurant Review: Flammkuche, Kaiserslautern

Restaurant Flammkuche
Ludwigstrasse 40, 67657 Kaiserslautern
Restaurant Menu posted at bottom 

A group of our colleagues met for a tasty dinner at Flammkuche in Kaiserslautern. I have been wanting to try the restaurant for a while so I was pleased when my colleagues accepted my suggestion to eat there.

The restaurant is on the main road through town, but it's tucked away a bit on the corner. It's very gemütlich, or cosy, inside with tile floors and intimate dark wood tables. The wood fired oven, used to cook the flame tartes the traditional way, is situated on one wall of the restaurant. I was slightly concerned that the smoke would bother my asthma but it was not overpowering and I was fine.

Wood fired oven.

Our group wedged into a corner table and enjoyed some delicious flammkuchen, most of which were around 7 euros each. The restaurant also offers a special where if 8 or more people come in as a group, they can sample all of the flammkuchen on the menu for 12 euros for person. We just all ordered individually. I had the Provence flammkuche with a creamy sauce, bacon, onions, and...oops, I can't remember the other toppings because it's been a while since we ate there! Sorry about that one. Whatever the toppings were, they were delicious; I can promise that.

The menu is comprised of flammkuchen, both savory and sweet (the dessert offerings); soups; salads; and a few appetizers. There is also a good selection of beer, wine, and liqueurs.

Our waitress was attentive, pleasant, and spoke English. Flammkuche is popular for groups, even though the restaurant is not that large. As a result, it became a bit loud, but it was still really fun and cosy. It feels like a place where locals come to catch up with friends. I would recommend making reservations if time is of the essence or if you are bringing a group. The restaurant is open from 6 p.m. I would also suggest calling ahead to make sure it's open as I've heard that it has been closed before with no notice. Other than that, I highly recommend this cosy, tasty place.

It's cosy and traditional looking inside.
Pictures of the menu. These pictures were current as of April 2014 but please realize that the menu might change.


  1. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. I moved to Kaiserslautern 4 months ago and have this bookmarked. I especially love the restaurant recommendations and have gone to many restaurants based on them. I know now what my next one will be. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks a bunch for your kind comment, Melissa, and I'm glad that the blog is useful for you. It's fun to share information from the adventures around here.