Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Things I do not like

Here's a bit of randomness. There are many, many things that I ~do~ like, but today...

Here are some things that I do not like:

1. Feet.

2. Mudpuppies.
3. Walking on grates or things that wobble as one walks on them (I will usually skirt these).
4. Receiving/giving hugs.
5. Public displays of affection (holding hands is okay/slightly juvenile, but full on tonsil searching? Ew, no one wants to see that!).
6. Eating fish and most meat.
7. When people are mean to other people and/or animals.*
8. When people carve into trees (i.e. initials) and put love padlocks on bridges, etc. (damages nature/public property, is juvenile, and not cool in my book).
9. Insincerity.

*it is not mean to make one's cat wear a costume that embarrasses the cat

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