Monday, October 7, 2013

Moo helps some more with homework

I'm just finishing up my Art History class. I don't know that I've ever spent so much time on a class before! This was an online class and it was read, read, read, then write, write, write all the time. I'm good at both, especially considering that this isn't my first (educational) rodeo; it's degree #3 for me. However, I foster a bit of an attitude about spending so much time on homework at this point because I also work full time and I don't need this degree -- it's just for personal enrichment.

I was whining in my head about spending a Saturday night at home and doing homework instead of attending a festival and watching fire spinners. Moo decided he would help me with homework to improve my mood. That involved climbing on me, putting his Moo bottom in my face, blocking the view of the laptop, changing the settings on my laptop since he was standing on the keyboard, trying to send my mom an email, and so on. I kicked him off my lap/laptop, so he jumped back on the couch from the other side. He then proceeded to paw at my expensive textbook (to make a "nest") and sat on the page I was trying to read. He is not the most helpful cat, but he thinks he is!

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