Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cafe review: Kaffee-Kultur, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Rosenstraße 24
Hours: Monday - Friday 0900-1800; Saturday 0930-1600

I've walked by Kaffee-Kultur many times and have been curious about the cafe, but most of the time it was closed and even had the shades drawn. I was curious about the place and was happy to visit with a friend one afternoon when I was out of work early.

The cafe is pleasant inside and very bright with white walls and cheerful orange chairs. One downside to these orange chairs is that most are the bistro style and are quite tall. I never feel comfortable/secure in these (and even worse when I'm at a bar and that's the seating style -- that's just trouble waiting to happen!). There were several tables with normal height chairs so we gave those a try.

We both ordered hot chocolates. They tasted good and service was pleasant. I noticed that on the menu there are coffees, teas, hot drinks, different breads, homemade desserts, and breakfast.

Kaffe-Kultur is a bright and cheery cafe that would be a nice place to meet with small groups (if one were to snag the shorter tables/chairs). The only downside is that it closes early -- at 6 pm -- so it would not be well-suited for the after-work crowd.

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