Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Yolicious Frozen Yogurt, Heidelberg, Germany

Yolicious Frozen Yogurt
Ziegelgasse 26
69117 Heidelberg

During our escapades the weekend of Heidelberger Herbst, we stopped by Yolicious for some frozen yogurt. Just off the main pedestrian zone, it's a small shop with limited seating, mostly appealing to the takeout crowd (not unusual for frozen treats, of course).

The store has simple offerings: regular frozen yogurt with toppings, parfaits, and smoothies. In addition, the store has some beverages available, including warm drinks like cappuccinos and cold drinks like bottled water.

There is just one flavor of yogurt (yogurt flavored, of course!) with a wide assortment of toppings. I ordered in German and meant to order the cheesecake, but got a little confused when I was asked something else and ended up getting blackberries. It was totally my fault - I thought I could order two toppings and I must have overrode the original topping or something. That's what I get for trying to use German!'

Either way, it tasty. I really liked the tartness of the yogurt and how it wasn't overly sweet. The blackberries were plump and delicious. I recommend this store for a nice yogurt treat with options of natural, fresh toppings, or, for those who can't help themselves, candy alternatives.

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