Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Restaurant Review: Thairama, Kaiserslautern, Germany

Muhlstrasse 28, Kaiserslautern

Tucked away on a sidestreet near the Gartenschau in Kaiserslautern, Thairama offers Thai food in a friendly atmosphere.

My friend and I stopped by for dinner on a very hot Thursday evening. It was hot outside and it was also very hot inside the restaurant, too. Air conditioning is not very common in Germany so I wasn't too surprised, but of course I wished that it was a bit cooler inside as I don't enjoy the heat one bit.

Despite the heat, we were keen to try the restaurant. The sign outside notes that from 1800-2200 on Thursdays, the restaurant offers a buffet dinner, so we thought we'd try that. When we arrived, we didn't see a buffet available, so we just ordered off the menu. I probably should have asked why it wasn't on, but I was happy enough to see Pad Thai on the menu so I was content with ordering that. I also ordered spring rolls.

The spring rolls were decent. They were tasty but not as crispy as ones I've had before. The dinner itself was good and I was quite relieved when the Pad Thai I ordered tasted very similar to what I've eaten in the US, so I'm assuming that the US and the German restaurants were both reasonably authentic. My dinner and appetizer came to about 13 euros.

The waitresses were very pleasant and both spoke fluent English. They were friendly and available to take requests without being obtrusive. I will visit the restaurant again when I am craving some Thai food.

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