Saturday, August 24, 2013

Amazing Knoblauch at the KL farmers' market

I am having some friends over for dinner this week so I thought I should stop by the Kaiserslautern farmers' market for some fresh produce. I haven't been home much at all this summer and have been missing locals events, like the market.

At the market, I picked up some garlic, or Knoblauch. It seemed a bit expensive at about two euros for a head of garlic, but I wasn't in the mood to stop at the grocery store so I ponied up the money and was on my merry way.

I'm glad that I did! I used some for lunch and it was great. I've never bought such fresh garlic before; I usually buy it at the supermarket and who knows how long it's been sitting there? This garlic was so fresh that the peels were still supple and not yet papery.

Well played, farmers' market; well played.

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