Monday, August 19, 2013

ATW is around home again, only to bike away

I spent last week in Berlin for a field study class. It was absolutely wonderful! I'll have some entries to post from it, for sure. However, it may take a bit of time because I came home from that trip with a couple class assignments, one day off, and my new university class has already started and I'll probably be taking another local German class starting soon (in addition to the current, more basic one I'm already taking). In other words, it's a bit busy around here juggling all of this with work and travel, but it'll all get sorted out eventually.

On Sunday, since my internet was dead at home (thanks to a naughty Moo), a friend accompanied me on a trial bike ride to work. I would really enjoy the fitness and environmental benefits of ditching my car. I don't live super close to work but I also don't live super far, either. Ever since the 20 mile ride I biked a couple weeks ago, I feel emboldened and feel it's possible to bike to work. It's a wonderful feeling!

My friend D. went with me. He's very physically active and bikes to work himself. However, he has a much shorter ride than I would have, and I reminded him constantly about that. He reminded me constantly that he also goes to the gym for an hour a day in addition to the biking. Touché.

I really appreciated his company; he's really upbeat and a bit goofy. However, we were tackling some nasty hills, I was huffing and puffing like I'd blow someone's house down, and I didn't like the drill Sargent and Rocky motivation he was trying to give so I told him I'd punch him if he didn't cut it out. He told me if I caught up I could punch him. I almost fell off the bike laughing (when I could gasp enough air). Plus, I don't really know how to punch anyway. 

I was very pleased that besides a stiff neck that was probably unrelated, I wasn't feeling pain today. In fact, I felt quite good! Either way, biking to work is very possible and I'm considering it once I make some adjustments on my bike, get some more safety gear, and find some clothes that work better.

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