Friday, March 8, 2013

SWK Utilities and der Gartenschau

I received some really cool mail this week: it was an offer from SWK, who is my utility company, and they are offering an annual pass to the Gartenschau (literally, garden show, which is a flower garden and strangely enough, dinosaur sculpture park) and to the Japanese Garden for only 25 euros for both!

I had considered buying an annual membership to the Gartenschau anyway, and it was about 40 euros. When I received the flyer in the mail, I thought it was even better so I stopped by the Gartenschau's office and bought a pass. To sweeten (har de har har) the deal even more, they gave me a coupon for a free ice cream at the 'schau and a free tea at the Japanese Garden. How nice, eh? I'm thrilled to be living in a city with attractions and offers like this.

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