Monday, March 4, 2013

die Sonne...yet again

Even the African king statue, sculpted by Gunter Stilling, is sick of the blah skies. 
Look behind him: egads, what a gray sky. At the Pfalztheater, Kaiserslautern.

Can you tell that there is a rampant plague of the winter blahs around here? Well, I think it's definitely related to the sun...or the lack of its light. It has seemed so cloudy and overcast since I've moved here (which has been two months, btw! I have survived thus far).

I'm taking an adult enrichment-style German class and I asked my teacher, who is German and from this area, if it's typical for it to be so overcast all the time here. She told me that she saw a news report that indicated that this has been the most overcast winter in decades. Phew! I thought I was just being a bit over-dramatic about how cloudy it's been.

I'm so relieved to hear that this weather is not typical because really, I think we have had less than a week of sunshine in the two months that I've been here. Of course, we all feel like a bunch of bears waking up from hibernation and stumbling into the sunlight when the sun finally does come out. I was driving home from work and alternated between squinting, wearing sunglasses, taking them off as I drove past a shady spot, and repeating the cycle. It was super nice to have daylight, though, and I was even able to drive to my German class in the light. It's funny how different the drive looks that way.

I would love to find the time to take a hike if I can a bit of sunlight when I'm not working, but as I knew would happen, I'm already busy as can be. Maybe I'll have to carve out a chunk of time to do that.

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