Friday, March 8, 2013

Anthropological Research for Make Benefit the Glorious Nation of the US

I've met a very nice couple from the UK, and we have been hanging out lately. We went out last night for dinner and they had me in stitches.

It turned into Ask an American night; it was hilarious! In conspiratorial tones, they asked me if indeed people in the US ate some weird dish involving sweet potatoes and marshmallows. Oh yes, I warned them, people do, but it's much more of a Southern thing, even though I recently ate a German cafeteria on a US base version of the dish. My friends also asked about what I determined to be ambrosia salad. E thought it was made with sour cream, but an Australian had prepared the dish for her (why, I have no idea) so I said that person was waaaay off if it was sour cream.

I had to explain Cool Whip to my friends and that conversation segued into talk about green bean casserole. My friends were absolutely horrified by it: canned green beans, cream of mushroom canned soup, and French's fried onions on top. I shared their sentiments.

I've lived in a London suburb 12 years ago and picked the brains of my friends about British life when I lived there, so I really didn't have any new questions for my friends. They were willing to help me out after grilling me about the US. I would still like to know who on earth would eat Christmas pudding. It's rather terrifying to me.

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