Saturday, March 23, 2013

Super cute gift, but it devolves into plant cruelty

My friend's cat wanted to extend his cat hospitality to Moo, so he sent his owner over with a gift for Moo, a flat of cat grass.

Apparently the kitty couldn't help himself, though, and helped himself to the 'grass before it came here, so Moo received a flat with some seeds ;)

I laughed and laughed about it; that was so cute. It makes me think of someone baking a cake to welcome the new neighbor and deciding to have "just one piece," but by the time the person is ready to present the cake, there is nothing but crumbs left.

Since there were seeds in the flat, I have been growing a new batch of the cat grass. I am teasing the plant, though; the shoots of grass were literally growing toward the sun, slanting as they did so. Every day I turn the flat around. They don't know that one day Moo will be eating them!!

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