Friday, January 25, 2013

Working for the military vs. working for other employers

With my new job, I am finding a totally different experience from working for educational or local government employers. Some ways that working for the military is different from my previous job:

-I have to not only watch out for cars when I go walking around my office, but for tanks also.
-There are budget cutbacks, so many of the sidewalks and parking lots had not been cleared of snow which has devolved into ice. It's almost safer to walk in the road and just dodge tanks than it is to walk on the sidewalks.
-I can buy groceries (American products at American prices with American dollars), get my hair cut, workout, open a bank account, and even eat some German food (if I wanted to) all within a short (ish) walk from my office, which is, from what I understand, considered American soil (on top of the German, or at least, that's my own belief ;)
-I have a background investigation being done on me just so I can use the computers at work.
-Armed guards greet me (and my ID) with a smile every morning.
-We receive handy magazines at work that detail how to fix our tanks and HUMVEEs (though our office doesn't have any of those)/
-Recycling is no joke; there is not much that we throw away vs. recycle (this is more a function of working in Germany than it is working for the military).
-There are many acronyms here; half the time, I don't know if I want to be a SME or something else. I petitioned to be called a SQUEEGEE but I think we need to move it up the COC for that one.
-When I send work emails, the subject lines automatically get the annotation "Unclassified" added to the subject lines.
-Bad Things Will Happen to Me if I try to plug in an MP3 player or flash drive in my computer at work. It is verboten.
-The scenery on base is fantastic, and I ain't talkin' about the woods here, folks.

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