Thursday, January 10, 2013


To many English speakers, German may sound like a very harsh or guttural language. Especially if the speaker is issuing a command or making a speech, he may sound harsh to our ears.

I have been working to learn German, and I am finding that it's not as harsh as one would think when it's spoken. First of all, most Germans tend to speak a bit more softly. We Americans are LOUD. Really, we are (I count myself in that category and really must work on that). Our German friends are not so much. They use softer tones and aren't so obnoxious.

Secondly, the German language borrows quite a bit from French, which itself is a "softer" language and has more of a musical tone to it.

So, give German a chance. It's difficult in many ways to learn, but it's worth it and plus it's a great mental exercise to try to work through the three genders and four cases.

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