Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snowblowers with brushes!

It hasn't been snowing much when I first arrived here, but since then, we've received some snowfall. Germans, and really, German law, are very adamant about keeping sidewalks clear of snow (people can be sued if someone slips on their part of the sidewalk because it wasn't cleared - just like in the US). I've seen residents and businesses use several different methods to clear the snow: shoveling, brooming (erm, I mean, sweeping with a broom!), and using a snowblower that has a brush attachment.

You read me right: a snowblower with a brush attachment! I had never seen such a thing before and was quite chuffed with it. Since I come from a place that is very accustomed to snow, I thought that I knew snow removing implements; apparently I don't know the international ones! When I was leaving the hotel, I saw someone pushing a snowblower. Since there was only about a quarter inch of snow on the ground, I was wondering how that would work since there wasn't enough to kick up. My questions were answered when I saw that the snowblower had a brush attachment that rotated to brush aside the snow.

I just reread that and thought: this girl needs to get a life, which is spot-on, but I have also been this way for a long time. I once was extremely excited/pleased when I was allowed to use giant squeegees on the tennis courts after a rainstorm when I was playing tennis in high school.

This is a tractor version with a brush on the front to move snow!

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