Friday, January 25, 2013

Dumb at the gym, and I don't mean dumbbells

I swear, either the jet lag or culture shock of moving here is making me stupid. Well, that is my excuse, any way.

I was extremely pleased to learn that there is a gym that is free to use very close to my office. I took a tour of the gym and noted the locker room, complete with showers and complimentary towels. I was thrilled; I could work up a good sweat on my lunch break, shower, and be back in time to get back to those reports.

The first time I used the gym, I ran a bit on the treadmill and happily trotted off to the locker rooms, grabbed a clean towel, and took a shower. When I was ready to leave the shower, I realized my dilemma: the towels are not full-sized towels. Dang it. Germans are not so prissy about nudity, but this gym wasn't for the Germans; it was my fellow country(wo)men. Luckily enough for me, no one else was in the locker room so I was able to sprint to get dressed.

Lesson learned: bring your own towel to the gym.

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